Full Version: Oliva sp from Cuba
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Could be another bifasciata but a clearer photograph would help.
Also an apertural view and size would be useful.
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I beg to differ I am afraid, they lump too many species together. I follow Sterba 2003.
OK, you can differ.  No need to beg.  I don't bite.  At least we appear to agree this is the same shell.  Others seem to have an opinion too.  Gary Rosenberg (Malacolog) doesn't synonymize them, and in fact considers <i>O. bifasciata</i> to be a junior synonym of <i>O. formosa</i> Marrat 1870 along with

<i>Oliva bollingi </i>Clench, 1934
<i>Oliva greenwayae </i>Clench, 1937
<i>Oliva pattersoni </i>Clench, 1945
<i>Oliva jenseni </i>Petuch & Sargent, 1986
<i>Oliva magdae </i>Petuch & Sargent, 1986

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I think we can both agree that a whole lot more work needs to be done with the Caribbean Oliva, maybe mitochondrial DNA sequencing will shed some light on the matter.