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Hello there,
this are haliotis need to id,

Here are the links  :

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=";"> ... 147/&nbsp;</a><!-- m -->   size :25 mm.
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=";"> ... 190/&nbsp;</a><!-- m -->   size :50 mm.
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=";"> ... 003/&nbsp;</a><!-- m -->   size :40 mm.

salamat, ( thanks )
Do you know where they are from ?
Hello Pierre,

This are from Philippines, found 6 to 10 feet deep on the coral beds.

The first one is not a Haliotis.  It is Stomatella planulata, in the family Stomatiidae (note - no line of holes on the shell).
The second one appears to be Haliotis glabra.
The heavy spiral sculpture on the third one suggests Haliotis clathrata.
Hi  Paul !
Thanks for identifyning this specie. but the third one... im not sure if it is h.clathrata.. the features are different from clathrata because the third one has some corrugated features and unusual growth forms not found in clathrata. it somehow ressembles h.jacnensis, except the colouration. your opinion please.

I think the third could be H. planata. The unusual growth form is just that, unusual.
Thanks Dave for your help, but still im not convince that it is h.planata, i go for h.jacnensis.

The specimen does have some similarities to H. jacnensis, but H. jacnensis is typically a much smaller species, rarely exceeding 25 mm.  Also, it usually has a very distinctive sculpture, strongly corded on the early whorls, but smooth on the later whorls.  And, it is more elongate in outline.  Your shell is more rounded in outline.
Hello Paul,

in ( )..... there is one looks like it ( third to the last ). perhaps my specie is neither unknown or not yet been name. i hope you have some time to look at it and give your opinion, and, anybody is welcome to give their own opinion.

I agree with Paul's comments. Also jacnensis only has three open holes, yours appears to have 5. The interior nacre is also wrong for jacnensis. I would still go with planata.
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