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Or it could just be a freaky H. varia.
Don't rely too much on the sculpture as a distinguishing feature, it is very variable on many species of Haliotis.
Hi Dave,
this are the new photos of the third one that ive already post but its already out of cavities, i had to clean it up to compare to h.planata specie from Philippines.

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your opinion please.
Now it is all cleaned up I am leaning more towards Haloitis ovina. Whatever, it is definitely not jacnensis.
Hi Dave,
thanks for your great help. i appreciate much of your time and effort to name my specimen. and i agree to both of you ( Paul ) its not h.jacnensis.

i search h.ovina in wikipedia and i found some very interesting info in that site, but still its not what my specimen is, i wish it is h.ovina, but its not,. i guess i will classify it as unknown or unnamed specie for a while,... or ... if you have some more resources on what might this be. that would be more great help.


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Hello there,
i think i found my specimen name, Haliotis dohrniana  Dunker, 1863
i just add more photos to see the features of the shell

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i search hard for this one (, in wikiepedia, ) here i found what i am looking for.
i just want a confirmation if i am correct, i just need somebody,s opinion on this issue..

I don't think it is dohrniana. The bottom specimen on is not either, Poppe's identifications are always suspect! Dohrniana is a smoother shell than yours and does not have as many open holes. Having looked at a lot of photos and compared with specimens in my collection I would say it was a freak planata, but that is just my humble opinion..
Hello Dave,
this is the link to where i consider the most information i base my fact, that my specie is a dohrniana.

( excuse to for using their links.. but many thanks to them )

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... rniana.htm</a><!-- m -->

your opinion sir Dave ?

Wrong shape for dohniana. The bottom ones in are not dohrniana, Poppe's identification is often suspect! I would still go with a freak planata.
Hello Dave,
your willingness to insist its a freak planata convince me to follow your views. i will label it as Haliotis planata but, with a remarks on it ( or H. dohrniana ), this might settle some doubt on the specie.

Many thanks on your effort and great help in identifying my shell. as i have said " i hope you will always there to help and give the best of your explanation " Wink

Happy shelling,
I have answered this twice and my answer keeps getting deleted for some reason.
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