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id help
02-23-2008, 04:57 PM,
id help
1. Turbo sp., species uncertain, resembles Turbo squamosus from Australia. A straight-on ventral view would be better.
2. Hippopus hippopus, "bear paw clam", a young specimen, widespread Indo-Pacific species.
3. Ryssota otaheitana, land snail, Philippines.
4. Megalobulimus capillaceus, land snail, western South America.
5. Cittarium pica, "Magpie Shell", Caribbean.
6. Conus litteratus, widespread Indo-Pacific.
7. Vasum turbinellum, widespread Indo-Pacific.
8. Appears to be Murex (Hexaplex) regius from western Central America. Would need to see the ventral view to be certain.
9. Haliotis sp. (Abalone), may be Haliotis fulgens from western North America, but too eroded to be certain.
10. Looks like a Ficus sp., but again, a straight ventral view would be much better for ID purposes.
11. Spondylus sp., species uncertain. Spondylus in general are very variable and with a few exceptions, can be difficult to identify.
12. Looks like a Trochus or Tectus. Given the very tall spire I would guess a juvenile Tectus triserialis, Indo-Pacific. It would be helpful if you listed the size of the specimen when you post a shell for ID.
13. Polished specimen of Tectus pyramis, Indo-Pacific. Decorative items like this are made by grinding or etching away the outer later of the shell to reveal the underlying pearl layer, and then polishing them smooth.
14. Chlamys (Swiftopecten) swifti, Japan.

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