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Selling collections
04-15-2010, 03:21 PM,
Selling collections
Dear deathtoll,
Is there a list of what you can offer? Or do you have photos?
I agree: quality in a shell is very important!

04-15-2010, 04:06 PM,
Selling collections
I was looking around online and I could not find a place where people will purchase shells from private owners.. maybe such a site exists, but I could not find it.. in any case, I do have some nice specimens in my collections, junonia, pecten, etc.. I know the common names of these shells but never got into their scientific names, maybe I could take pics of my collection and get some feedback as to how much i should be asking for some of these shells.. we did catch quite a few live ones back in the day, and they all have their footpads intact just like I was taught on how to display them.. so I am not completely naive, I know price depends on size and condition in most shells, but not all, let me know if you guys would like pics of them.. these were all hand caught except for a few which were purchased in stores years ago when getting the shell would be unattainable (ie they lived far offshore) we did do quite a bit of mud flat collecting down on captiva, but i heard you can no longer do that anymore, i don't know.. its been a while since i collected shells, last time i was snorkeling and found two very large horse conch specimens, both alive, one shell in adequate condition but the other just looked like total crap but was bigger.. so yeah, any input on how I should proceed would be totally appreciated, money is tight right now and if I can get rid of things that are just sitting here to someone who would definately appreciate what I have and are willing to pay a fair price on it, I think everyone would be happy. Thank you.
04-16-2010, 09:13 AM,
Selling collections
i will try to photograph and put up pictures this weekend, although i am not sure if photos are allowed in this forum.

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