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I can supply specimens from the Sea of Cortez - both retail and wholesale!
06-28-2011, 07:35 AM,
I can supply specimens from the Sea of Cortez - both retail and wholesale!
I'm quite new to this forum.  My name is Daniel Notek.
I recently broke into the Captains circle down in Puerto Penasco, Mexico - the northern tip of the Sea of Cortez.  They are starting to bring me specimens that they catch in the nets.  Both shallow and deep water specimens.
I have an Ebay account (danroxy2001) where you can see specimens that I have for sale.  Of course its retail on Ebay, but I can get some shells in bulk, so I can sell some at wholesale also.
Within the upcoming months I will be offering these species and more:
Cerithidea Mazatlanica
Oliva Porphyria
Oliva Incrassata
Oliva Burchorum
Oliva Spicata
Oliva Splendidula
Columbella Strombiformus
Malea Ringens
Strombus Galeatus
Melongena Patula
Murex Elenensis
Phyllonotus Regius
Phyllonotus Erythrostomus
Phyllonotus Brassica
Hexaplex Radix
Hexaplex Nigritus
Bursa Nana
Northia Pristis
Semicassis Granulatum
Cypraea Cervinetta
Cypraea Annettae
Turritella Radula
Turritella Gonostoma
Pteropurpura Centrifuga & other Pteropurpura as they come available
Mitra Belcheri
Conus Ximenes
Conus Perplexus
Chione Gnidia

These are just some of the many that I will be offering.

Please feel free to contact me about any species your looking for.  I will try to find it.

I will also be acquiring many echinoderm specimens also - urchins, sand dollars, starfish/sea stars
Clypeaster Europacificus (pancake sand dollars) - 7" or 200mm and larger!  These are my most popular sellers either naturally dried or bleached.  They are a deep water species that only comes up in the shrimp boat nets.
Many soft corals - sea fans
Some hard corals

Again feel free to contact me about anything your looking for from the Sea of Cortez.  I would also appreciate any referals.  I will be checking in here on a regular basis or you can contact me by direct email

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Thank you for your interest and support.
Daniel Notek

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