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Coelopleurus (Keraiophorus) exquisitus
10-13-2010, 08:23 AM,
Coelopleurus (Keraiophorus) exquisitus
Hello.. any other sea urchin collectors here? In the UK?

I decided to go through my sea creature collection for the first time in many years yesterday.  (I had my attention diverted by insects, minerals and coins for a while... )  So I was googling the names of my sea urchin specimens, and I found out that a species I had been buying in 2006 as Coelopleurus interruptus (for a few £ each) had been described as new to science, and is now known as C. exquisitus (Keraiophorus exquisitus according to some).  The articles I read said that the price for a specimen on ebay had zoomed to over USD $100.

Browsing around I couldn't find any sources still selling C. exquisitus, apart from price-on-request dealers who haven't got back to me yet, and then one USA retailer who is apparently selling them for only $6.00.  So has the price gone back down, or is this an oversight on the part of the retailer and are my specimens actually worth more?  My specimens are also larger than those I've seen documented online, around 31mm diameter.

thanks for any insight, P

03-23-2011, 08:02 PM,
Re: Coelopleurus (Keraiophorus) exquisitus
Very Good Poste thanks for all comment
04-03-2011, 05:54 PM,
Re: Coelopleurus (Keraiophorus) exquisitus
maybe you could post some picture, because the price is determined in varying parts by aesthetics, rarity, location, uniqueness, marketing, and scholarly study. As in art, the value and desirability increases with knowledge of the subject.
There is no absolute value. As a result there are no hard rules.

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