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Help Needed Identifying Spiral Shell found in Creek
08-10-2009, 03:41 PM,
Help Needed Identifying Spiral Shell found in Creek
Hello Katelin,

The link to your website that you provided in your message above didn't work as posted, so I have fixed it.  Very nice site.  I'm sure it will grow over time (collections have a way of doing that) :-)

I would like to make you an offer I have made to several beginning collectors who have posted here. I have been a specimen shell importer/dealer for 40 years. I regularly receive shipments of shells from all over the world, and in most of those shipments there are some shells that don't quite measure up to the quality I require.  I place all those shells in a big box (actually I am up to 6 boxes at present) and periodically send them to schools, scout camps, craft centers, etc., free of charge.  Many times I have also sent a box of shells to a beginning collector like yourself.  If you would be interested in receiving an assortment of worldwide shells, all identified with locality information, I will be glad to send you some.  Just make sure it is okay with your parents first, or better, have one of your parents email me.

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