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Mytilus trossulus?
01-10-2013, 05:51 AM,
Mytilus trossulus?
Hello everybody!

In December I was in Copenhagen, Denmark, and on Amager Strand beach, 5 mins from Copenhagen city centre I found the following Mytilus specimens. I have done some research on the internet (I am not a Mytilus expert) and have found out that in the Copenhagen area Mytilus trossulus or a hybrid between Mytilus trossulus and Mytilus edulis is prevalent. I have taken pictures of all the Mytilus specimens I collected and I really need your help to decide whether they are Mytilus trossulus, Mytilus edulis or what the internet calls Mytilus edulis f. trossulus. I think that some of them are clearly (and based on the images I have found on pages like <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... -recid=410</a><!-- m -->) are Mytilus trossulus.

Please, can anybody help?

Many thanks!


1. Trossulus
[Image: P1090272.JPG]

2. not sure
[Image: P1090271.JPG]

3. single valves, top view
[Image: P1090273.JPG]

4. single valves, first close-up
[Image: P1090274.JPG]

5. single valves, second close-up
[Image: P1090275.JPG]

6. single valves, third close-up
[Image: P1090276.JPG]

7. single valves, fourth close-up
[Image: P1090277.JPG]

8. single vales, inside view
[Image: P1090278.JPG]

[Image: P1090279.JPG]

9. Hinges
[Image: P1090282.JPG]

[Image: P1090280.JPG]

[Image: P1090283.JPG]

[Image: P1090285.JPG]

10. Other specimens:

[Image: P1090286.JPG]

[Image: P1090287.JPG]

[Image: P1090288.JPG]

[Image: P1090289.JPG]

[Image: P1090290.JPG]

[Image: P1090291.JPG]

[Image: P1090292.JPG]

[Image: P1090293.JPG]

[Image: P1090294.JPG]

[Image: P1090295.JPG]

[Image: P1090296.JPG]

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