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Shells from Kalba beach in Sharjah, UAE
01-11-2012, 12:23 AM,
Re: Shells from Kalba beach in Sharjah, UAE
Hi Karen, I would dearly love a few 'live' ones if you ever travel that way again. The dead ones seem to wash up fairly regularly but as you mention always have broken spines. If you soak them in bleach then plug the aperture with cotton wool the smell should not be a problem. What I would dearly love is a whole live one preserved in alcohol so I could get it DNA tested but I know that would be impractical, but as 'fresh' a one as possible wou7ld be great (or even a few, I would gladly trade plenty of specimens with you). Oh and the little 'trap door' part is very important too, it is called the Operculum and is usually glued to some cotton wool and placed in a natural position in the aperture ( opening ) but just put it in with any shells you get, that will be fine.
Any specimens you could get would be greatly appreciated as I specialise in and study this particular family of shells.
By the way, my friend who got them before is Emily Wray, she says she knows you and sees you in the gym now and again, small world eh?  ;D
I will send a P.M. with my email address if you want to talk some more.

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