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Large rare shell collection inherited need assistance
11-19-2017, 08:56 AM,
RE: Large rare shell collection inherited need assistance
(11-03-2017, 12:49 AM)Saja3 Wrote: Greetings shell collectors and enthusiest. A few years back I inherited a vast collection of shells. I really like to look at them ans have tried to get them identified many times so I can sell them at a reasonable price without totally gifting them away. Now I am for assistance. If anyone on this forum would like to lend me some knowledge on the names of these rare shells and a rough estimate of their worth I would greatly appreciate it. I have a vest collection. So I will do my best to carefully select the most exotic ones and photograph them individually. These shells are antique purchased many many years ago. I know they must be valuable as there is a single shell with a 200$ price tag attached to it.. if anyone is interested in buying I woild love to offer great prices that we would both be happy with. Again many thanks!

I have been a shell dealer/importer for many years. I will be glad to help you identify your shells (They don't have data slips with them? Or numbers on the shells that key you to a catalog book? Most serious collectors do this.) Anyway I'll be glad to help with ID, and might be interested in purchasing some of them. The ones in the pictures you posted here are all rather common species. Some of them appear to be in very good condition, others less so. Value is based on species, condition, size, color, and collection data.
Paul Monfils (

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