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Cape Cod Shell
12-05-2014, 05:04 PM,
RE: Cape Cod Shell
(12-05-2014, 10:34 AM)paul monfils Wrote: Hi Elizabeth,

This is Bufonaria rana, the "Common Frog Shell" from the Western Indo-Pacific region.  I believe this is the 5th time - maybe more - that someone has posted an Indo-Pacific shell they found on Cape Cod or in Florida.  I don't live far from Cape Cod, and have done quite a bit of collecting there.  I have also found a couple of Indo-Pacific shells on Cape Cod beaches.  It isn't really surprising since Cape Cod has many tourist shops that sell baskets of common Indo-Pacific shells.  People buy them, then drop them, or discard ones they don't care for, I suppose.


Thank you very much for the ID. I was thinking that someone was salting our beaches. If you are on cape cod, stop at the museum. I will put you to work. I am in the process of verifying/identifying all the shells in our collections. I usually don't have to play detective with alien species.  

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