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This is sad.......
09-21-2014, 01:21 PM,
This is sad.......
Hey everybody, didn't expect to be back so soon.  This is going to bite,  but I'm forced to declare my shell collection up for sale as well. The whole thing. I've got many, many different species I've been collecting, and will continue to until such time as it goes. I've spent these past few years cataloging everything I can, and I've got a ton done and not much more to go.I know important that data is, not to mention the quality. In fact while shopping in florida a few years back with my good friend and mentor and someone she introduced me too said " you know you ALWAYS get the best looking shells of any species I have" But isn't that the idea?? I've been finding some hard to find to rare and interesting. Just trying to give my collection a good "grand finale" if you will.
      This is not a "desperation" sale but rather I'm doing it because of partner pressure because he loves money. How sad!! I believe my e-mail is right under my name. And of course the more local you are the better. One more thing I probably don't have the biggest collection, but at the same time it's nothing to sneeze at,how would I even find that out?? and includes, books a huge hutch made just for these shells, and the drawers I keep the small ones in. All sit in the dark and get oiled regularly. That's it!! I'll be enjoying every minute I have with them while I still can!!

01-11-2015, 07:15 AM,
RE: This is sad.......
Im interested in any ranellidae that you have. I understand what you mean about sad. I own and was one of the worlds largest collectors of this family. I was diagnosed as having an incurable illness and started selling off my best. After all the greatest ones were sold, the hospital told me they made a mistake! Now that Im going to live,  Im starting to collect again but also selling many of my multiples. What do you have? Regards

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