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identificacion vivalbes - xbonet - 02-10-2010

hello may indicate certain name for their identification is not where it comes from but I think that is the Indo-Pacific
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identificacion vivalbes - mikede - 02-10-2010

Looks like a Dosinia sp. (Veneridae), but I can't identify it to the species level.

identificacion vivalbes - xbonet - 02-11-2010

you should do to identify the species? photos of the interior or some other angle

identificacion vivalbes - mikede - 02-12-2010

This could help, but I don't think I am qualified enough to identify the species, especially without knowing the location data. I even have myself a couple of different Dosinia shells, which I still didn't manage to identify to the species level.

But perhaps someone else has more luck identifying the shell if you post a picture of the interior. And the size of the shell would be helpful too.