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outside view (yellow shell) - linmaggiore - 01-20-2010

<img src="" alt="" style="border:0" />

outside view (yellow shell) - dave r - 01-20-2010

It has been said before in this thread that it is extremely helpful to have the size and location where the shell was found when trying to identify a shell. I am glad you put the tape next to them for measurement but where were they found? All I can say at the moment is the left hand one looks like one of the Lioconcha species.

outside view (yellow shell) - linmaggiore - 01-20-2010

So sorry about the location
It was found at Indian Mound Park in S.W. Florida on Gulf.  Englewood, Florida

outside view (yellow shell) - marlo - 01-21-2010

Sure looks like <i>Laevicardium mortoni</i> (Conrad, 1830).  Interior shot and size data would sure help.

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