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Unknown from Mauritius - conchylinet - 06-29-2009

I need help with the specie below, even the family would be welcome. It is from Mauritius and the length of the piece is 19mm.

<img src="" alt="" style="border:0" />


Unknown from Mauritius - dave r - 06-30-2009

Not really enough there to identify, possibly Turritellidae? or maybe even Terebridae.

Unknown from Mauritius - paul monfils - 07-02-2009

Perhaps a piece of a Terebra funiculata.  The two strong spiral cords close together are an unusual characteristic of that species, and it is found in Mauritius.

Unknown from Mauritius - conchylinet - 07-02-2009

Thanks Dave and Paul. The id. T. funiculata is satisfying. I hope to find a better shaped one later.