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shell found near Seattle - bythebay - 04-20-2009

Hello - thanks for this forum! I hope to learn a lot here as a newly seaside resident!

I found this beat up shell (only half left) on Marrowstone Island in Washington State. It appears to be an eroded gastropod shell possibly in theRANELLIDAE family. The black and white markings are unlike anything I've seen on the beach around here which makes we wonder if it is from a tropical region. It is about 3 inches wide and 2.5 long. I am curious to find out where it came from - it would be cool if it was from pretty far away.

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Thanks for your help!

shell found near Seattle - dave r - 04-20-2009

Hi there. I don't know how it got all the way up there but I would say it is a <i>Hexaplex nigritus</i> or Black Murex which hails from the Gulf of California. There are a few similar species ranging from California to Ecuador but, although very eroded and damaged, yours looks like nigritus.

shell found near Seattle - bythebay - 04-20-2009

COOL! Thanks! We wondered if maybe it got here in the ballast of a ship - but who knows. Its been on a long journey.

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