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Some Bivalves from Malaysia - mikede - 08-24-2008

I also need help in identifying some Bivalvia shells I got from the western coast of Malaysia. All of these were found in the beach drift. The biggest shell in the left upper corner is about 5cm long.

My own research brought me so far:
Upper row: no idea
Middle row: Dosinia spp., the second one from the left is probably Dosinia trigona (Reeve, 1851)
Bottom row: The 2 shells on the left - Lucinidae spp., the third shell may be a Chamidae sp.

I appriciate any help. Thanks, Mike

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Some Bivalves from Malaysia - conchylinet - 08-26-2008

My small contribution:
The top left looks like a Myidae, but I don't know if this family occurs in tropical waters.
No idea with the top right.
Middle-row left could be Dosinia sculpta (Hanley 1845)
The two middle-row center could be Dosinia histrio (Gmelin 1791)
No better idea with middle-row right.
Bottom left seems to be genus Anodontia.
No idea with the two other.

Good luck, Conchylinet.

Some Bivalves from Malaysia - mikede - 08-26-2008

Thanks Conchylinet!

I got some Dosinia histrio from the same location and they look quite diffrent, so I don't think the two shells in the middle row are of this species. Unfortunately I find so many different Dosinia species on the net from this area, which look very similar, but I can't find any desciptions how to hold the species apart.


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