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Mappa question - shellz - 08-25-2008

Not sure if this is correct forum to post this, I apologize if I have the wrong forum.  My question is...

What is the difference between a mappa contraria and mappa subsignata?  To me, a map cowrie is a map cowrie, maybe clear pattern, maybe distorted pattern, maybe pink, or maybe some other color (green, red, purple), but it is still a map cowrie.

I noticed that mappa subsignata generally is dealer priced higher than a mappa contraria, and mappa contraria is dealer priced quite a bit higher than one tagged as just a map cowrie. The reason I ask is that I have a slightly unusual map cowrie whereby the top pattern is kinda hazy and not too clear, just wondering if it may be one of the two mentioned above. Thanks in advance.

Mappa question - shellz - 08-25-2008

Forgot to include a photo...
<img></img>  <span class="petit">--Last edited by shellz on 2008-08-25 05:45:57 --</span>

Mappa question - dave r - 08-25-2008

Hi there. The Map Cowry comes in many subspecies, exactly how many depends on whose book you read! The price will differ depending on which subspecies it is, for instance a common Philippine map cowry <i>Mauritia mappa mappa</i> is only worth a few dollars/pounds/euros whereas a <i>M. mappa aliwalensis</i> from the Aliwal shoals of South Africa will cost big bucks because it is a lot rarer and harder to obtain.The same goes for some of the Pacific subspecies. If you log on to Felix Lorenz's website there is an article explaining the subspecies of <i>mappa</i>.
Hope this is of some help.

Mappa question - shellz - 08-25-2008

Thanks Dave R, I will check it out.

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