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TIBIA MARTINII - italian boy - 03-25-2007

Hi everyone

I'm LUCA, an Italian boy. I need the descrïption of Tibia Martinii, because I've done one on my own, but I'm still little... So thanks for your answers.

TIBIA MARTINII - paul monfils - 03-27-2007

Hello Luca,

I'm not quite sure what you are looking for. Is it the original descrïption of Tibia martini you want?  If so, I don't have access to it. Or are you just looking for any descrïption of the species?  If so, here is the descrïption from Shells of the Philippines ...

"Shell medium sized, lightweight, with a tall, acute spire and a relatively short, narrow anterior canal; spire whorls with impressed sutures, a presutural groove, and encircled with obsolete spiral threads; aperture large, semi-lunate, with 6 to 7 short digitations on the anterior portion of the slightly thickened, recurved outer lip; posterior canal short, open and recurved on the penultimate whorl; shell pale tan, aperture white margined, pale purple within, outer lip margin with a brown and white-spotted border; reaches 180 mm."

Here are some pictures of the species:

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Hope this helps.

TIBIA MARTINII - italian boy - 04-01-2007

 Really thanks Paul Monfils for your help. I have completed the descrïption of Tibia martinii, and my professor was really happy, and helped me about the text-correction.