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ID help - mark - 06-02-2013


I would like to ask your help again in identification / confirm my identification.

1. Sinum javanicum? (3-4,5 cm)

2. Sinum sp (1,8-2,6 cm)

3. Cantharus cecillei ? (3,7 cm)

4. Cerithium columna ? (3,5 cm)

5. Bursa lamarckii ? ((3,1-4,2 cm)

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,


Re: ID help - jejushells - 06-20-2013

Hi, Mark!

The first species appears to be Sinum javanicum, and maybe the second could be subadults or juveniles of that same species. Species 3 may be Cantharus cecillei, but the specimens from our area (Jeju Island, South Korea) are solid colored. I don't know about the fourth species, but No. 5 does appear to be Bursa lamarcki.

I hope this is helpful.

Re: ID help - Emma - 06-23-2013

5 is definetely Bursa lamarki.

Best wishes,


RE: ID help - mark - 09-22-2013

Thank you for all help.
What do you think all Bursa are lamarckii?
Regards, Mark