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Identification for relative - SellSeaShell - 07-26-2012

My aunt wants some help identifying these shells and if they're rare.  I knew some of them but some of the subtle pattern differences made me unsure.

[img width=621 height=480][/img]

[img width=640 height=457][/img]

[img width=640 height=418][/img]

[img width=634 height=480][/img]

Re: Identification for relative - paul monfils - 07-26-2012

1. Cypraea tigris x3 (tiger cowrie)
2. Cypraea mauritiana (humpback cowrie)
3. Megalobulimus oblongus (a land snail)
4. Cypraea talpa (mole cowrie)
5. Vasum turbinellum (common Pacific vase shell)
6. Cypraea mappa x2 (map cowrie)
7. Cypraea lynx x2 (lynx cowrie)
8. Cypraea arabica, Cypraea lynx, Cypraea vitellus (Arabian cowrie, lynx cowrie, Pacific deer cowrie)
9. Cypraea eglantina x3 (eglantine cowrie)
10. Terebra maculata, Mitra mitra x2 (marlinspike auger, Episcopal miter)
11. Conus marmoreus, Trochus sp. (marble cone, top shell)
12. Babylonia japonica, Conus omaria, Cypraea testudinaria (Japanese Babylon whelk, omaria cone, tortoise cowrie)

These are all from the western Indo-Pacific region except the land snail, which is from South America

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