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Terebra corrugata? - Herner - 04-25-2012


I found this piece of a shell on the beach at Lanzerote (Canary Island).

I do not know if it is Terebra corrugata?

Maybe someone can help me here in this forum with the identification?

Best wishes


Re: Terebra corrugata? - diocrisseashells1000 - 04-26-2012

Hello Herner,

I do not think it is a terebridae specie,... it is more like a very very worn cerithiidae specie, it is somehow looks like Cerithium alucaster but very worn,.....  ( i guess,....)

Re: Terebra corrugata? - Herner - 04-26-2012


Thanks for your quick response!  Big Grin

I think you've guessed correctly!

The shell is very very worn.
This condition has also irritates me when identification.

Greetings Herner

Re: Terebra corrugata? - diocrisseashells1000 - 04-26-2012

A very worn even a fraction of a shell that i dont have gives me more determination to look for a better or fine specimen.... this gives me more willingness to continue on collecting.... so a worn or damage specimen boost my morale to search for  a fine one...  Wink also keep it for your future reference.

Happy shelling.
Diocris. Wink

Re: Terebra corrugata? - Herner - 04-26-2012


It is difficult for me to search for better specimen, because I only have the chance during my vacation, search for "exotic shells". During this time I have to think about where of this world I spend my holidays.

So I look forward to each shell or shell fragments that I discover.

That makes fun of course!    Wink