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Mappa - Mappa - Hendro01 - 03-23-2012

Smile Hello guys..

i do confused about how to identified Mappa ..?  any suggestion...

Are the Mappa have many kind in different genus?


Re: Mappa - Mappa - paul monfils - 03-24-2012

Cypraea mappa is an extremely variable species, in shape, size, color and pattern.  In shells collected on one section of reef I have seen fully adult specimens from 55 mm to 85 mm; some average width, others round and inflated; dark patterns, light patterns; classical "map" patterns and all kinds of irregular patterns; some with colored bases, some with white bases; some with color between the teeth, some without.  Not surprisingly, there are many named forms and variations, a few of them probably warranted, most of them unwarranted in my opinion.

Re: Mappa - Mappa - Bart - 03-25-2012

I agree with Paul....Cypraea mappa is an extremely variable species. I have about 300 in my private collection.

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