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Columbella rustica? - Herner - 03-19-2012


I´m not sure, it´s C. rustica.

I found this shell on the beach in Cyprus, near Limassol.
Size: 4.8 x 4.2 x 7.8 mm

The outer edge of the mouth but is not toothed and the shell size is so small.
These features bring me mixed up with the identification.

Maybe I can help someone in this forum to identify?



Re: Columbella rustica? - paul monfils - 03-20-2012

I can't see your image, but the combination of small size and thin lip would ordinarily suggest an immature specimen.

Re: Columbella rustica? - Herner - 03-20-2012

Hello Paul,

thanks for your answer!  Smile

Sure, an immature specimen, it could of course be.

I've added a link in this thread. There, the pictures are also visible.

Greetings Herner

Re: Columbella rustica? - Emma - 03-22-2012


I'd definetely go with the immature specimen identification. I have a young specimen from Les Cases d'Alcanar, by the Ebro Delta here in Spain and I can tell you the colour is the same but they have a round, toothless lip just like the one in your photos. So, I'd say Paul is right: immature C. rustica.

Best wishes,


Re: Columbella rustica? - Herner - 03-22-2012

Hello Emma,

Super, many thanks for your confirmation!

Yes, this toothless lip had also made ??me suspicious.
So I was not sure by the identification.

best regards


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