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Strombus help - conchylinet - 02-17-2012

I cannot find the species of the Strombus below. They are about 5 cm long and come from Indonesia.
Thank you,

[Image: 40433.JPG]

[Image: 40436.JPG]

Re: Strombus help - wolfi - 02-17-2012

Hi Pierre,
A could be Strombus aurisdianae L., 1758. B might be Strombus bulla (RÖDING, 1798), but I'm not sure.
Kind regards: wolf

Re: Strombus help - Emma - 02-17-2012

Number 2 looks like Euprotomus bulla to me, I have one from the Philippines. And, for number 1 I'd say Euprotomus aurisdianae. You used to find them in souvenir baskets of shells. Hope it helps!

Best wishes,


Re: Strombus help - wolfi - 02-17-2012

I think Emma is right  ;D ;D ;D
Amused regards: wolf

Re: Strombus help - Emma - 02-18-2012

Oups! Sorry Wolf! We must have been posting at the same time!

Warm regards!!

Re: Strombus help - dave r - 02-18-2012

Yes, you are both right!

Re: Strombus help - wolfi - 02-18-2012

Hi, Emma!
It's all right, of course. Just funny, hihi..........  ;D. And two are better than one....... .
Best wishes: wolf  Smile

Re: Strombus help - conchylinet - 02-20-2012

Thank you all !
Yep, the more converging identification proposals, the better  Smile