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Unknown specie - conchylinet - 02-02-2012

Can somebody name the specie from Indonesia below ?
I cant place the family, it measures 18mm.

[Image: 7652.JPG]

Re: Unknown specie - Emma - 02-11-2012

Hi Pierre,

Could it be from Lucinidae family, maybe a codakia, maybe an inmature specimen. What do you think?

Warm regards,


Re: Unknown specie - conchylinet - 02-14-2012

Thank you Emma,
Yes perhaps it is a Lucinidae... but I am still stuck with the specie.

Re: Unknown specie - Emma - 02-15-2012

Pierre, I've had a look at your web page and it is trully spectacular! Wink My congratulations on all your hard work!


Re: Unknown specie - paul monfils - 02-19-2012

Hello Pierre,

After reading Emma's comment about your website, I just had to take a look too, and I must agree, it is impressive.  While I was there I took a quick run through your unidentified section, just in case I might recognize something.  Here are a few I recognized (or thought I recognized):

6073  probably Scabricola desetangsii, immature
2320  Mitra idae, immature
6372  Dendostrea frons
6033  Rapana rapiformis, juvenile
2986  pretty beat up but I believe it is Bursa rosa
3277  Hipponyx sp.
6326  Cypraecassis testiculus
6304  Cerithium litteratum
2743  Nitidella ocellata
3040  Cypraea lynx, juvenile
7520  probably Cypraea ursellus
2934  Cerithidea pliculosa
6579  Atys naucum
4485  Oliva tessellata
6613  probably Limaria fragilis, juvenile

Re: Unknown specie - conchylinet - 02-20-2012

Thanks for your comments Emma and Paul.
Paul, many thanks for your ids. I made a specific form to comment all the unidentified shells of this section of the website (below zoomed-in image), so you can also use it.
I have too many shells there to upload them on this forum.


Re: Unknown specie - paul monfils - 02-20-2012

A few more:

6213  Cyclophorus sp. (terrestrial)
7663  probably Faunus ater
3351  probably Tellina philippi
6511  Strombus microurceus
2939  Strombus tricornis, juvenile
2421  Dendostrea frons
5416 and 5564  Buccinulum corneum
7076  based on the light subsutural band, probably Mitra luctuosa
5891  may be Priotrochus obscurus, not sure
6273  Helicina aurantia (terrestrial)
5155  probably Fusinus tessellatus
6201  probably Turritella duplicata
2936  Are you sure of the locality?  This looks like Purpura patula, a Caribbean species.

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