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separate species vs synonym - wateryworld - 01-21-2012

Since I should have put my question in its own thread instead of the other one, I'll ask again.

I'd like to know if anyone can clarify if the busycon whelks perversum and contrarium are DIFFERENT species as per the 1968 book, or, as what I've seen looking up info on it, now synonyms for the SAME species, the lightning whelk.  Or subspecies?


Re: separate species vs synonym - dave r - 01-22-2012

Hi there, I have done a bit of searching for you and I can say that B. contrarium and perversum ARE two different species. B. contrarium is the common Lightning Whelk everyone knows and perversum is different, see here: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
Incidentally this is an excellent website for Gastropod identification.

Re: separate species vs synonym - wateryworld - 01-24-2012

Thanks, dave.  Smile  It's very frustrating, because not only is taxonomy in itself an incredibly complex and ever-changing subject, it's one that is so debated, even among scientists themselves!  Someone just starting out in the hobby, even doing just a simple Google GIS for something like this particular whelk, will get both answers, that they are the same AND that they are different.  ???

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