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maybe also snails? - Dreamer - 06-24-2018

Really don't know, one kind of looks like a snail

Okay that's a lot for now, I truly appreciate the help in getting some of these identified

RE: maybe also snails? - paul monfils - 06-24-2018

Yes, these are all "snails" in the broadest sense of the term, technically gastropods - mollusks having a one piece, spiral shell. I will give you the scientific names, since this is the "official" name of a species, and is the same worldwide. Common names can differ from one location to another and from one language to another.
1 Purpura patula
2 Strombus canarium
3 Cerithium aluco

If you search for these names online you can find additional information about them, like where each species came from.

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