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Mediterranean fissurella - Emma - 09-29-2011

Hello again!

Can anybody give me the name of these Mediterranean fissurella? I find them a very difficult species to classify. I found them on a beach in Spain, in the Tarragona area a few years ago.

Thanks for all your help!!

Best wishes, Emma.

[Image: P8180605.JPG]

[Image: P8180606.JPG]

[Image: P8180607.JPG]

[Image: P8180608.JPG]

Re: Mediterranean fissurella - paul monfils - 09-30-2011

I'd say Fissurella nubecula, based on the near-central position of the hole.  Most of the other Mediterranean Fissurellidae have the hole located farther anterior.

Re: Mediterranean fissurella - Emma - 09-30-2011

Thanks Paul!