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mitridaea & costellariidae sp. - diocrisseashells1000 - 09-26-2011

Hello collectors,

This shells are from Philippines , but i finding it hard to id. could you kindly help me to id this species ?

#1.  <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... 631431595/</a><!-- m -->

#2.  <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... 755353012/</a><!-- m -->

best wish,

Re: mitridaea & costellariidae sp. - conchylinet - 09-27-2011

Perhaps #2 is Vexillum diutenerum but it is a very small specie, what size is yours ?

Re: mitridaea & costellariidae sp. - diocrisseashells1000 - 09-27-2011

Hi Pierre,
I dont think it's V.diutenerum, mine has two distinct color pattern and has fewer vertical ridges, V.diutenerum have a multiple color pattern and have many vertical ridges. i've already search it in but i cannot find any similar features of it in that sight. Anyway the size of #2 is just 15mm. #1 is just 12mm.

              i thank you for your help.


Re: mitridaea & costellariidae sp. - diocrisseashells1000 - 10-03-2011

Perhaps the # 2 is Vexillum  (costellaria) militare, Reeve., 1845.

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