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Unknown bivalves - Emma - 09-07-2011

Hello again!!

Here are some bivalves. I only know the location of the first one, so any suggestions of possible/ approximate location would be very helpful. I have taken photos from various angles, so that you can see the hinge and general structure. Thank you for all your help,
Best wishes,

Number 1: Great Britain, 1980's, self-collected in rock pools; 34mm:

[Image: P9060696.JPG]

[Image: P9060697.JPG]

Number 2: one half bivalve, 50.8mm:

[Image: P9060693.JPG]

[Image: P9060694.JPG]

[Image: P9060695.JPG]

Number 3: 38mm:

[Image: P9060690.JPG]

[Image: P9060691.JPG]

[Image: P9060692.JPG]

Re: Unknown bivalves - paul monfils - 09-09-2011

Could the first one be Tapes (Venerupis) aurea?  It's a pretty variable species, and found in that locale.  Does it have a yellow interior?
The last one looks like Meretrix lusoria. (This looks like it has a thin periostracum on it. Is that correct?)

Re: Unknown bivalves - conchylinet - 09-09-2011

#2 has an Anomalocardia shape.
Perhaps Anomalocardia brasiliana (Carribean province).

Re: Unknown bivalves - Emma - 09-11-2011

Yes, Paul, the first one deffinetely has yellow colouring inside, so I agree with your identification: Tapes (venerupis) aurea. However, the brown one has no periostratum, it is actually that chocolate brown colour, and I have no idea what it could be. Do you have any other suggestions? I don't think it is Meretrix lusoria because, as I say, it hasn't got a periostratum. Thanks for your help.

Hello Pierre, I think it is too wide to be Anomalocardia. I think maybe the location is oriental (China, Japan), but I can't be sure. These shells belong to part collections I have been given over the years. Do you have any other suggestions? Thanks for your help.

Re: Unknown bivalves - dave r - 09-12-2011

Hi Emma, Meretrix meretrix can come in a solid brown colour, I have examples myself.

Re: Unknown bivalves - Emma - 09-12-2011

Thanks Dave!!

Re: Unknown bivalves - poseidon - 12-01-2011

the correct name actually is paphia aurea 

Re: Unknown bivalves - Emma - 12-06-2011

Ok, thanks!, I'll modify my records.