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a set of nerites to id - diocrisseashells1000 - 08-29-2011

Hello there,
This also are sets of neritidae need your help to id, from Philippines,

the links :

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many thanks,

Re: a set of nerites to id - paul monfils - 09-01-2011

1-3  may be Neritina powisiana
4-5  may be Neripteron siquijorensis
7-9 is Neripteron violaceus
10-11 I believe this is the spineless form of Clithon corona
12-13 looks like a small Nerita polita

Re: a set of nerites to id - diocrisseashells1000 - 09-01-2011

Thanks Paul for your great info, it gives me clue on where to search the names.

1-3 i think it is more like neritina pulligera because of the dark stain in the parietal wall,

4-6 i dont know, perhaps you are correct to say it's Neripteron siquijorensis, the coloration is just different to my shell.

7-9 yes! it is neripteron violaceus. thanks for the id.

10- 11 i guess it is more like Clithon subrugata. ( Recluz, 1842 )

12-13  it is more look like Clithon subpunctatus  ( Recluz,  1843 )

Reference :

Many thanks again Sir Paul. :-\ Wink

Re: a set of nerites to id - diocrisseashells1000 - 09-03-2011

hi there,
i think #4-5 is Neripteron auriculatum  ( Lamarck,J.B.P.A.,de, 1816 ). n.siquijorensis has a distinguishing round edge. the one i post somehow has a wider angled edge.


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