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EASY ID - Carlos Galan - 08-22-2011

Hello, this is a common shell purchased in Mexico, I don´t remember now the name, anyone know?


[Image: bfi1313965379h.JPG]

[Image: cqs1313965401r.JPG]

Re: EASY ID - paul monfils - 08-22-2011

It is an immature Queen Conch, or Pink Conch, Strombus gigas.  When the end of the spire is sawed off like this, it is so the shell can be used as a horn.  If you know how to blow a trumpet or bugle, you can get quite an impressive sound out of a shell like this.

Re: EASY ID - Carlos Galan - 08-22-2011

Thanks for the determination and the information Paul.

Kind regards.

Re: EASY ID - Marlo9 - 08-26-2011

This is not as easy as it looks.  You have to blow it and see if you can achieve a b-flat.  If not, and all you get is a C-sharp, then it probably is Strombus gigas.

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