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Re: Haliotis to id please - dave r - 08-01-2011

Or it could just be a freaky H. varia.
Don't rely too much on the sculpture as a distinguishing feature, it is very variable on many species of Haliotis.

Re: Haliotis to id please - diocrisseashells1000 - 08-01-2011

Hi Dave,
this are the new photos of the third one that ive already post but its already out of cavities, i had to clean it up to compare to h.planata specie from Philippines.

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... 200385219/</a><!-- m -->

your opinion please.

Re: Haliotis to id please - dave r - 08-03-2011

Now it is all cleaned up I am leaning more towards Haloitis ovina. Whatever, it is definitely not jacnensis.

Re: Haliotis to id please - diocrisseashells1000 - 08-03-2011

Hi Dave,
thanks for your great help. i appreciate much of your time and effort to name my specimen. and i agree to both of you ( Paul ) its not h.jacnensis.

i search h.ovina in wikipedia and i found some very interesting info in that site, but still its not what my specimen is, i wish it is h.ovina, but its not,. i guess i will classify it as unknown or unnamed specie for a while,... or ... if you have some more resources on what might this be. that would be more great help.


ADDED POSTS  Aug. 3. :
i just notice that i am now a jr.member of this forum. WOW !! MANY THANKS ADMINS. and moderators !!!

Re: Haliotis to id please - diocrisseashells1000 - 08-04-2011

Hello there,
i think i found my specimen name, Haliotis dohrniana  Dunker, 1863
i just add more photos to see the features of the shell

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... 224570439/</a><!-- m -->

i search hard for this one (, in wikiepedia, ) here i found what i am looking for.
i just want a confirmation if i am correct, i just need somebody,s opinion on this issue..


Re: Haliotis to id please - dave r - 08-04-2011

I don't think it is dohrniana. The bottom specimen on is not either, Poppe's identifications are always suspect! Dohrniana is a smoother shell than yours and does not have as many open holes. Having looked at a lot of photos and compared with specimens in my collection I would say it was a freak planata, but that is just my humble opinion..

Re: Haliotis to id please - diocrisseashells1000 - 08-04-2011

Hello Dave,
this is the link to where i consider the most information i base my fact, that my specie is a dohrniana.

( excuse to for using their links.. but many thanks to them )

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... rniana.htm</a><!-- m -->

your opinion sir Dave ?


Re: Haliotis to id please - dave r - 08-05-2011

Wrong shape for dohniana. The bottom ones in are not dohrniana, Poppe's identification is often suspect! I would still go with a freak planata.

Re: Haliotis to id please - diocrisseashells1000 - 08-05-2011

Hello Dave,
your willingness to insist its a freak planata convince me to follow your views. i will label it as Haliotis planata but, with a remarks on it ( or H. dohrniana ), this might settle some doubt on the specie.

Many thanks on your effort and great help in identifying my shell. as i have said " i hope you will always there to help and give the best of your explanation " Wink

Happy shelling,

Re: Haliotis to id please - dave r - 08-08-2011

I have answered this twice and my answer keeps getting deleted for some reason.

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