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I think I have this figured out ;-) - wbaltz - 12-01-2017

Ok, all these shells are over 75 years old, and I've had them for 60 years. They were found and collected near the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

There will be several posts of them. Also, they are in pairs, so consecutive numbers go together. Hope I'm clear on this.

If you could help identify these, I'd be most appreciative.


RE: I think I have this figured out ;-) - paul monfils - 12-01-2017

First two - Cypraecassis rufa, "bulls mouth helmet shell", family Cassidae, western Pacific

Cymbiola imperialis, Imperial Volute, family Volutidae, western Pacific

Cypraea tigris, Tiger Cowrie, , family Cypraeidae, western Pacific

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