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Here's 2 more - wbaltz - 11-30-2017

Shells I need help identifying, please.

RE: Here's 2 more - wolfi - 11-30-2017

Hi wbaltz,
sorry, but the pictures are very small........ . It's always helpful to have a picture of the aperture (the opening) of a shell. And it's helpful to have the origin (if possible) and the hight/width (inch or cm).
The specimen on the left side might be Cypraecassis rufa.
The specimen on the right side is not a mollusc, but a sea urchin.
Kind regards: wolf

RE: Here's 2 more - paul monfils - 11-30-2017

Yes definitely Cypraecassis rufa on the left.

RE: Here's 2 more - wbaltz - 12-01-2017

Thank you all, I'll repost with better pics, and a ruler to help.
Again, thank you very much!