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Is this a shell? - Carbon - 04-30-2011

Hi, I was walking on the beach in the north coast of Scotland and came across this delicate looking item, I'm not sure if it is a shell or some kind of egg.
I have never seen one before.
Anyone know what it is? Thanks.

[img width=209 height=480][/img]

Re: Is this a shell? - paul monfils - 05-01-2011

It's a "shell" in the broad sense, but not a mollusk shell.  This is a "test" ("shell") of a heart urchin, an echinoderm, a phylum of animals that also includes sea urchins and sea stars.  In life it was covered with small slender spines which made it look "fuzzy" or "velvety".  I don't have much expertise regarding species of this group, but I think it may be this one:

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