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unknown shell - whatsmyshell - 04-18-2011

can anyone identify this cowrie? its approx 50mm. is cream colour on top.
any help appreciated.  thanks Smile

Re: unknown shell - dave r - 04-19-2011

A photo would help.

Re: unknown shell - whatsmyshell - 04-19-2011

it is on there,  as an attachment..  i can see it Smile

Re: unknown shell - whatsmyshell - 04-19-2011

is on the attachment  added it to this 1 too...

Re: unknown shell - dave r - 04-20-2011

Sorry but for some strange reason I can't see any attachment. I will have a word with the webmaster, maybe Firefox does not like it.

Re: unknown shell - whatsmyshell - 04-20-2011

here is another attachment pic, using internet explorer hope it works Smile

Re: unknown shell - dave r - 04-20-2011

Nope, must be my PC.

Re: unknown shell - paul monfils - 04-28-2011

I can't see the image either.  Why don't you post it on one of the free picture hosting sites, and then post the link to the picture here?

Re: unknown shell - brambio - 04-30-2011

Its genus cypraea...
maybe you could post the picture from another/different angle (from the top, ect).
and you could use photbucket, imagevenue, etc, to upload the picture...