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Conus (Puncticulis) zeylanicus: Conoidea: Conidae - JackSullivan - 06-19-2017

"Nice" 53.6mm example from Madagascar. Interesting repeating pattern of brown eumelanin pigmentation. Natural heal on base.


RE: Conus (Puncticulis) zeylanicus: Conoidea: Conidae - david touitou - 06-22-2017

Effectivelu, it's a nice specimen, and it has a good size too ! I found only 3 yet (Seychelles) in 13 trips ! It's rare in the Seychelles. To find such shell one must dive at night on sand in 5-10m Smile

Thanks for sharing,

RE: Conus (Puncticulis) zeylanicus: Conoidea: Conidae - david touitou - 08-02-2017


I found only 3 in the Seychelles by the past. It's not common at all there in shallow water during the day. They usually burry in the sand during the daytime anywhere... they crawl on the seabed at night and prefer depth of 5-15m, so it was not easy to spot... One at night in 15m, one removed from the sand by the anchor of the boat while ripping in shallow water ^^ and one dead in shallow too.

It's a very nice shell with a very variable pattern. I will make images.

Happy Shelling,

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