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need help - jason123 - 06-17-2016

I am not sure where these came from I know that helps a lot. the largest one is 64mm they are extremely thin. I am not even sure what family they are. I would be grateful opinion at all.

RE: need help - wolfi - 06-17-2016

Hi jason123,

Volutidae, I suppose, might be genus Melo (juvenile!).

Kind regards: wolf

RE: need help - jason123 - 06-18-2016

thanks for the help I think I have it figured out "cymbium pepo juvenile" any thoughts?

RE: need help - wolfi - 06-18-2016

might be....... . I think Volutidae should be rather sure. Juvenile specimens are tricky. I hope someone joins in who knows a lot about this family.
Regards: wolf