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Angel Wing Shell ID - Call me Robin - 03-01-2015

Hello!  I bought this framed shell for my beach bathroom from a resale shop just thinking it was a commercialized framed shell.  I just call them angel wing shells (perhaps incorrectly).  However, I noticed that the shells looked fossilized and so I looked at the back and realized that it was from a U-Frame-It shop in which the a person buys the frame and does it themselves.  Whoever did this framed them up nicely.  Then googled and learned that there are different species of angel wings.  These are approximately 2 1/2" long.  Could someone please identify them?

RE: Angel Wing Shell ID - Call me Robin - 03-01-2015

I don't know if this helps, but I live in Texas.  Thank you!

RE: Angel Wing Shell ID - paul monfils - 03-02-2015

Hi.  Actually this shell is in a different family from the angel wing shells.  This family is commonly called Ark Shells.  There are similar species in various parts of the world, but assuming that this one was collected in your vicinity, it's scientific name is Arca zebra, and its common name is "turkey wing".  The one in your picture is not very well cleaned.  When fully cleaned they often show an attractive pattern of white and dark bands, which is where the name "zebra" comes from. The following page shows a variety of arc shell species.  If you scroll down you will find Arca zebra about a third of the way down.


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