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Identification New Jersey #3 - crumpybumpy - 07-19-2014

Are these all "Jingle shells"?  Anomia simplex?  Specifically row 3, shells 2 and 3 seem different in that 2 is very smoothly concave compared to the irregular waviness of the others, and 3 is VERY flat.  Thank you.

RE: Identification New Jersey #3 - paul monfils - 07-20-2014

Yes, they are all Anomia simplex.  It is quite variable in color and shape. The flat ones with a hole on one edge are the lower valve of the shell. A stalk passes through the hole, to attach the animal to the substrate. The more convex ones without a hole are the upper valve, and are usually much more common on the beach because some of the lower valves remain attached to the substrate after the animal dies.

RE: Identification New Jersey #3 - crumpybumpy - 07-28-2014

Thank you!  I wonder how many more shell types are out there on the new jersey beaches...have you come across a list or checklist for this region?  Thank you.

RE: Identification New Jersey #3 - paul monfils - 07-28-2014

I don't know of a checklist, but two of the best books you could get are these:

These are both out of print, and new copies are quite expensive, but used copies are available pretty cheap, like the two listed above. The first book has very nice, realistic full color drawings of the shells, and includes most of the commoner species. The second book is also good to have, but has rather small black & white photographs. It does cover some species that the first book doesn't include.

In general, the beaches that are best for swimming are the worst for shell collecting. Swimming beaches typically have nothing but nice clean sand, no rocks, seaweeds or other types of habitat. But not many mollusks live in that kind of habitat. You will usually find a greater abundance and variety of shells on coasts with rocks and seaweed, jetties, etc. Also, you will find species in muddy areas that you won't find in sandy areas.

RE: Identification New Jersey #3 - crumpybumpy - 07-28-2014

Thank you!  Are you familiar with New Jersey?  Any areas you would recommend?  We spend our time at Long Beach Island and will be going back at the end of August.

RE: Identification New Jersey #3 - paul monfils - 07-28-2014

Not too familiar with New Jersey per se, but I'm also on the northeast coast, and the species on my local beaches are very much the same as on your beaches.

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