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Hundreds of RANELLIDAE for sale - Cedonulli - 07-07-2014

I had what was probably in the top five Ranellidae collections in the world. Over 30 years of collecting. 3 years ago, poor health cost my occupation and Ive been selling off my collection. I had INCREDIBLE specimens but all the big and rare are gone, including tigrinum, burgessi, etc.
I still have about 600 specimens left. I am selling them at good prices to get maney for medical bills.  Please see my site, the URL is also for sale. I dont have everything pictured there but am trying to do so. I have multiples of most. I was using eBay but after eBay and paypal take their cuts, its harder to give low pricing to buyers. Please email at  I also have much material from Dr Alan Beu who is the main researcher of this family. Of all Ive sold, the highest regret is a huge tigrinum that had to be the most beautiful any dealer had ever seen, and a 235/255 mm Ranzanii set that were almost gem. Such is life...

As of 01/09/2015, I still have hundreds of specimens. I have two septa peasei that are are and quite desired.

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