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Help me find out this ones name - MangoMemories - 06-06-2014

Hi guys,

I am desperately looking to find out

a) what the name of these are
b) where they can be found
c) if anyone has them for sale

Ive asked so many experts but no one has been able to give me an answer.

Thankyou all so much in advance!

RE: Help me find out this ones name - paul monfils - 06-06-2014

This is Neptunea contraria, a fairly common deep water species found in the eastern Atlantic from Spain to Morocco.  It is a normally sinistral species, meaning its shell coils in the opposite direction from most other Neptunea species, and most gastropods in other families as well. That's what its name refers to. The direction of coiling is "contrary" to the direction typically seen in most species. Such shells are often referred to as "left-handed".

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