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Volutidae - nat76 - 02-02-2014

This shell should be Ericusa sericata (correct me if wrong!) In the catalogue the notes say found off Lady Musgrave Island Qld, new deep water variety - unnamed.  This would have been approx 1970-1990.  I tried to find more information but was not successful. Is this variety more common now? Does it now have a name?  I'd love to update the file if anyone has any answers! Thanks, Nat.

RE: Volutidae - paul monfils - 02-06-2014

This does appear to be Notopeplum sericatum (previously Ericusa sericata). It isn't as inflated looking as typical specimens of this species. Maybe that's what they mean by a new variety. However, this specimen is fairly small, so the less inflated body whorl may just be due to being a bit immature.

RE: Volutidae - nat76 - 02-13-2014

Thanks for the information Paul. I've added the updated name to the file.  The shell was purchased from a shop that closed a long time ago but I happen to know one of the people who worked there around that time and he may also be able to add to the story.  When I can get a hold of him...... 
A bit off topic but I've noticed the pictures of the shells on the internet always look so much better than mine!!  Mine all seem so pale!

RE: Volutidae - paul monfils - 02-14-2014

Yes, some of the shells you have posted, including this volute, do look quite faded. The commonest cause of this is beach-collected shells that have been rolled around in the sand by ocean waves, reducing their gloss, and bleached by bright sunlight. However, some shells, like this volute, live in fairly deep water and are not too likely to be found on the beach. Sometimes hermit crabs pick them up and carry them into shallower water where they can be deposited on the beach. Also, shells from very old collections are often faded if they have not been protected from light, even if they were brightly colored when first collected.

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