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indian oliva - helmetapointe - 06-19-2010

This Olivas from S.E.India looks like miniacea flammeacolor to me,* with doubt, ty in advance.[/img]<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="" style="border:0" /></a> [img]

indian oliva - dave r - 06-24-2010

Hi! #1 looks like flammeacolor, #2 tremulina, #3 a sub-adult miniacea form and #4 looks to be a form of vidua.

indian oliva - dave r - 06-28-2010

You are welcome! How are you getting on with the ultrasonic scaler?

indian oliva - helmetapointe - 06-28-2010

After 3 months hard working on 50 pieces, vibs & water refill is getting low. So he asked me 2 send back.Thats what i did. 1 year garanty. hmmm...fragil equipment?
lets see...dont have news yet.

PS: Thank you, 2 everybody for the new web-site & forum. nice

indian oliva - helmetapointe - 06-28-2010

Hi Dave, thank you for this helpful answer.

indian oliva - helmetapointe - 07-12-2010

Hi Dave !
Got in exchange a brand-new scaler today. Took 20 days, included transport, and no fees.