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seashell rare form - lorquinianus - 04-24-2010

Hi, I got these two shell in the sea cortez too, I thought it was broken but the two specimen are similar, i have any idea which family is it (2 cm)... the oliva species is bought (1 cm) i dont know which place.
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seashell rare form - paul monfils - 04-24-2010

The two are similar, but they are most definitely broken - just the end of the apex from a larger shell, no way of telling how much larger.  Could be from Strombidae, Turridae, Buccinidae, or other.  <span class="petit">--Last edited by Paul Monfils on 2010-04-24 04:45:16 --</span>

seashell rare form - khan - 04-24-2010

Hi lorquinianus,
The photo and the locality make me think about <i>Olivella dama</i> (Wood In Mawe, 1828).
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seashell rare form - lorquinianus - 04-25-2010

thank you Paul!

I saw that maybe the rare forms are from a lentigo granulatus.

Have a Nice Day!