Full Version: Mix of shells from Mauritius
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Here is a mix of little shells from Mauritius than I cant identify.
Some of them may be juvenile and/or eroded... sorry for that.
Any help would be welcome.

<img src="" alt="" style="border:0" />

Hi Pierre,

A : Conus pertusus (rare find locally)
B : a juvenile Conidae, but wich one ?
C : Conus parvatus (faded)
D : Conus sponsalis nanus

Best regards

Thanks Bruno. I know it does not look easy.
Any clue for E to G?
B. regards.
Hi Pierre,

E is a Ovulidae, maybe [i]Pseudocypraea admasonii[/i wich is commonlly found on Mauritius's beachs after storms. G is an Arcidae but you have to be a specialist of bivalvias to identify it, and I am not ;-)

Two good links for shells from Mascareigne :

<a href="" target="_blank"><!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --></a> (Réunion)
<a href="" target="_blank"><!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --></a> (Mauritius)

Best regards,

The Oliva may be a faded Oliva tessellata.  The shape and size are right, the multiple plications on the columella are typical, and ... do I see just a hint of a spotted pattern, or is that my imagination?
The Arcidae shelll looks to be Barbatia amygdalumtosum, the Almond Ark shell, a common Indo-Pacific species.
Thank you for these id !
I knew these links Bruno, thank you (by the way both are awesome sites). As for the Arcidae Dave, I also thought of a B. amygdalostomum in the first place, but the shape is not round enough and the periostracum too hairy (may still be this specie at a earlier stage?).