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The British Shell Collectors Club will be holding their annual shell convention and auction at the Theyden Bois community centre, Theyden Bois, Essex, England. Many dealers from all over the world will be present. Everyone welcome, food and drink available. For more information see the B.S.C.C website.
The BSCC are holding their annual shell show at the same venue as before on Saturday the 25th of October, all welcome. See BSCC website for details.
Just to let you know the BSCC will be holding their annual Shell Convention on Saturday May the 2nd this year, a week later than usual. Same time, same venue, see you there.
I'l be there, went last year had a lovely time.
Hi there, go to the BSCC website, all details are there.
Here is their web address:
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I want to register in The British Shell Collectors Club. And I wonder to know when and where will 2011 shell convention and auction be holding. Please give me more information.
Don't forget folks, the BSCC Annual Shell Show at Theydon Bois Village hall, Saturday October the 30th. Check teh website for details.